Character title

Septimus Heap
Septimus is the seventh son of Sarah and Silas Heap. He was kidnapped on the day he was born and spent the first 10 years of his life in the Young Army. Septimus is now Apprentice of the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Marcia Overstrand. He has the typical Heap curly straw-coloured hair and Magykal green eyes. Septimus has a great gift for Magyk and also loves Alchemie and Physik. And FizzFroot.

Jenna Heap
Jenna has long, dark hair and the violet-coloured eyes of a true Castle Queen. She is the only daughter of the late Queen Cerys and Milo Banda. Born on the same day as Septimus, she was adopted by Sarah and Silas Heap and did not discover her true identity until she was ten years old. Although it took her a while to get used to it, Jenna now loves the Palace where she lives. Her favourite colour is red … and she likes gold quite a bit too.

Silas Heap
Silas was once an ExtraOrdinary Apprentice to Alther Mella, but it was all a little too much for him. He gave it up to help look after his large family and now he writes pamphlets and helps out at the Wizard Tower. Silas is a great fan of the Magykal board game Counter-Feet and at present is arranging a Grand Castle knockout contest. For this he is training up a new Counter equipped with a small cudgel. Silas is married to Sarah and has sevens sons: Simon, Sam, Erik and Edd, Jo-Jo, Nicko and Septimus. He has one daughter, Jenna and as far as he is concerned she is his daughter, not Queen Cerys’s.

Sarah Heap
Born Sarah Willow, Sarah is into herbs and healing and spent two years living and learning with Galen, the Forest Physik woman. Sarah is a little scatty but, like Silas, she gets by. Although Sarah comes from an ancient witchery family, she has a mistrust of witches. She enjoys growing herbs in the Palace garden and likes to keep an eye on her large family.

Simon Heap
Simon is the oldest son of Silas and Sarah Heap. He is very ambitious and has a love of Magyk that has driven him to meddle with Darke Magyk, which he now regrets. He has the typical Heap looks: straw-coloured curly hair, green eyes, which are no longer the muddy green they once were when he was with DomDaniel. Simon loves Lucy Gringe and has done since he met her at dance classes when they were both fourteen. He longs to make something of his life, but he is still not sure how to do that.


Lucy Gringe
Lucy is the daughter of Gringe, the North Gate gatekeeper and his wife, Mrs Gringe, who runs the truly awful café by the gatehouse. Lucy has strong opinions about many things and an unusual taste in clothes, which she makes herself. She also has a good eye for buildings and has been commissioned by Marcellus Pye to built the Alchemie Chimney. Lucy has loved Simon Heap ever since they met at dance classes, but the path of true love has not been smooth for Lucy and Simon
 –  especially after Simon went off to be with DomDaniel. Things are improving now, though.

Beetle is the only child of the deceased Mr Brian Beetle and Mrs Pamela Beetle. He grew up in the Ramblings but he was a quiet and solitary boy. Beetle passed the examination to enter the Manuscriptorium at the young age of eleven and became Front Office Clerk and later Ice Tunnel Inspection Clerk, but he was sacked by the Chief Hermetic Scribe, Jillie Djinn. Beetle is Septimus’s best friend and they share many interests, among them a love of FizzFroot. Beetle has an unruly mop of dark hair and brown eyes and can usually be seen wearing a second-hand Admiral’s jacket, of which he is very fond.

Marcia Overstrand
Marcia is the Castle’s present ExtraOrdinary Wizard, a lover of purple python shoes and talented practitioner of Magyk. Marcia began her career as Alther Mella’s Apprentice and became ExtraOrdinary Wizard very unexpectedly when Alther was killed. Marcia is not an easy person to get to know but when you do you will find her to be a good and true friend. Septimus has learnt a lot from Marcia since he became her Apprentice, but Marcia has also learnt a lot from Septimus.

Alther Mella
Alther has been a ghost for some years now. He was the ExtraOrdinary Wizard before Marcia and, at Marcia’s invitation, he still frequents the Wizard Tower and helps her out. Alther’s favourite part of being a ghost is being able to fly. What he misses most is not being able to eat or drink. Alther is very fond of all the Heap family
–  as they are of him.














Spit Fyre
A dragon of the most common variety, Draco Viridi, he is very possibly the son of the Dragon Boat. Spit Fyre was hatched from an egg that Jenna gave to Septimus, thinking it was a nice shiny, green stone. Spit Fyre has a mind of his own (and very large feet) but he will, if Septimus tells him very firmly, do what he is told. Eventually.

Stanley the Message Rat
Stanley began his career as a humble Message Rat, working his way up to becoming a Chartered Confidential Rat. He has also had a short career in the Secret Rat service and still performs occasional missions in this capacity. Stanley has had a difficult relationship with his ex-wife, Dawnie, who now lives in the Port. Stanley has adopted four ratlets who he found abandoned in the Castle Walls and they now help him run the Rat Office in the Castle. Be warned: never ask Stanley how he is. He will tell you
–  in great detail.

DomDaniel was ExtraOrdinary Wizard before Alther Mella. Alther was DomDaniel’s Apprentice and was eventually the cause of DomDaniel’s downfall. After Alther and DomDaniel fought on the roof of the Wizard Tower DomDaniel fled to the Badlands and hid out in the Observatory, from where he masterminded his campaign to become ExtraOrdinary Wizard once more. He very nearly succeeded. When he was alive, DomDaniel dressed in the finest silks and wore a lot of rings
–  including an extremely powerful one, the Two-Faced Ring. He also wore a very old-fashioned cylindrical Wizard hat in order to try to appear taller. However, DomDaniel is no more. Spit Fyre ate his bones and, as everyone knows, not even a Darke ghost can survive that.

Merrin Meredith
Merrin is the son of Nurse Meredith, the Matron Midwife who stole Septimus the day he was born on the orders of DomDaniel. Due to a mix-up in the Young Army nursery, it was Merrin who was taken to be DomDaniel’s Apprentice, not Septimus. For ten years Merrin thought his name was Septimus Heap and he is still affected by the terrible years he spent with DomDaniel. Although Merrin is not at all Magykally talented, he has learnt enough Darke tricks over the years to do real damage. Merrin has a love of all sweet things, particularly liquorice.

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